Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Start planning your Partnering for Cures experience today

The 2012 Partnering for Cures program agenda is LIVE, and packed full of useful and timely content. With 30 innovator presentations, 16 hot-button panels, 18 expert consultations, and countless 1:1 partnering sessions, there's something for everyone

Taking place Nov. 28-30 in New York City, the fourth annual Partnering for Cures meeting brings together senior leaders from across all sectors in medical research with the express purpose of making collaboration happen – collaborations that must happen if we are to speed up the time it takes to turn discoveries into treatments and cures.

Find out what leaders in medical research think about today's hottest topics. Is life sciences still a good investment? Can clinical trials be better, faster, and cheaper? What does the 2012 election mean for medical research? How can we speed translation to human trials?

This solutions-oriented meeting is all about finding partners, sharing ideas, and getting things done.

To view a full program agenda online, click here



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