Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why Come to Partnering for Cures?

For three years in a row, hundreds of leaders in medical research participate in Partnering for Cures to find partners and explore collaboration opportunities that are crucial to speeding up the time it takes to get important new medicines from discovery to patients. This year, it will be held November 6-8, 2011 in New York City.

We, the medical research community, recognize that we have to build a system that can meet and anticipate the needs of patients. To be able to do this, we know we must engage patients in the research process. But, what does this entail? What are we asking of patients? What do we need from patients? And, most importantly, what are we doing to bring them into the system?

Similarly, we know we’ll all be patients at some point. As patient advocates, what are we doing to make sure our voices are heard and our contributions impactful? How do we become a force that drives medical progress?

And, at a time of limited fiscal resources – both private and public – we must ask: who will pay for tomorrow’s breakthroughs?

We have thoughtfully structured Partnering for Cures to help us answer these critical questions.

  • Problem-solve with medical research leaders. Every panel discussion will be focused on addressing some of medical research's top concerns in concrete ways. The goal of each panel is not just to inform (or entertain) – but to leave you with real transformative ideas you can run with, best practices you can emulate, and lessons learned you can build from.
  • See collaboration in action. Hear case study presentations from 30 cross-sector programs with innovative paths to advance their R&D goals. A unique opportunity to get a pulse on trends and best practices in real time.
  • Get expert advice to help you make informed decisions. From structuring collaborations or deals to crafting appropriate intellectual property policies, experts are on-site for one-on-one, free consultation sessions to help address your challenges. 
  • Find the partner who could make a difference. Whether you're looking for an investor or a collaborator, a customized partnering system allows you to easily find potential allies from all sectors of medical research.
Getting to faster cures requires academia, government, industry, investors, nonprofits, and patients to work together...No one can do this alone. But we need an easier way to find each other, explore opportunities to collaborate, and develop sustainable partnerships.

That’s why we’re doing this. And that’s why we hope you will come and join us.

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