Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Five reasons why you should be at Partnering for Cures

Partnering for Cures is an opportunity to find allies who can help you advance your medical research goals, and a platform for solutions needed to accelerate progress.

Five reasons why you should register now and be in New York City on November 6-8, 2011:
  1. Find the partner who could make a difference. Whether you're looking for an investor or a collaborator, a customized partnering system allows you to easily find potential allies from all sectors of medical research.
  2. See collaboration in action. Collaboration is the name of the game at this meeting. Hear case study presentations from 30 cross-sector programs with innovative paths to advance their R&D goals. A unique opportunity to get a pulse on trends and best practices in real time.
  3. Problem-solve with medical research leaders. Every panel discussion will be focused on addressing some of medical research's top concerns in concrete ways. The goal of each panel is not just to inform (or entertain) – but to leave you with real transformative ideas you can run with, best practices you can emulate, and lessons learned you can build from.
    Diverse and dynamic panels include: • Regulating Risk: Clearing New Pathways for Progress at FDA
    • Streamlining Drug Repurposing and Approval
    • Philanthropy As Risk Capital
    • Business Is from Mars, Academia Is from Venus
    • Intellectual Property: The Lawyers' Debate
    • Staying Afloat in a Sea of Data
    • Convergence: The Death of Disciplinary Science
    And many more
  4. Get expert advice to help you make informed decisions. Whether it's structuring collaborations or deals, developing marketing strategies, or crafting appropriate intellectual property policies, experts will be available on-site for one-on-one, free consultation sessions to help address your challenges.
    Experts on-site to provide you with pro bono analysis and feedback on:• Strategic planning
    • Structuring deals and collaborations
    • Attracting philanthropic capital
    • Communications and marketing
    • Interacting with the FDA
  5. Share your ideas openly. Expand your echo chamber and significantly increase your friends and family list. Speeding medical progress requires unconventional approaches from nontraditional allies. Partnering for Cures provides you with a safe haven to explore the possibilities.
For more information, visit www.partneringforcures.org.

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