Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Join Medical Research Innovators at the Inaugural Partnering for Cures Meeting

"When it comes to medical research, never has it been more important to
think about the end game: getting therapies to people. To realize this, industry
and medical research foundations must work together early in the research and
development process, with philanthropy helping to pave the way."
- David Panzirer, Trustee, The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust
FasterCures is committed to accelerating the process of turning exciting new medical discoveries into therapies that can treat patients. But, as you know, no one can do this work alone. Expediting cures requires collaboration. Join medical research innovators at the inaugural Partnering for Cures meeting. Uniting the passion of medical research foundations, the power of philanthropy, and the focus of biopharmaceutical companies, this meeting will catalyze a more effective and efficient medical research enterprise.
This first-of-its-kind meeting is designed to forge strategic cross-sector collaborations that will:
  • empower philanthropists to measure the impact and return on their philanthropy;
  • enable medical research foundations to find the right partners and investors needed to discover and commercialize new therapies; and
  • facilitate biopharmaceutical industry partnerships that could yield cutting-edge medical solutions.
Register today and take part in this timely and crucial effort. Make one-on-one connections, share information, and meet potential collaborators through a customized partnering system designed to build relationships that could accelerate the pace of life-saving research and development.
Space is limited, please register early. Significant discounts apply for early registration, special rates available for nonprofit medical research and patient advocacy groups.


jimmy_B said...

As a Patient/Survivor/Researcher of Stage IV Melanoma, this conference seems not to have room for patient/Researcher. I am standing here before you with a possible stabilization/cure for Melanama.

Here is what I have recieved just today: "I asked my doc yesterday his opinion of your theory - IL2 + ipi = NED. He is in total agreement, and has seen it firsthand as well. He says he is actively pushing, but that he doesn't see it becoming available until next fall. AUGHHH!!!! So frustrating."

"What we can learn from individual patients is often overlooked in oncology,"adding that many of these remarkable cases have led to the development of new treatment strategies for melanoma such as vaccinations against specific antigens and bone marrow transplantation. From clinical observation, we can learn a lot from these remarkable cases."

Alan Houghton, M.D., chief of immunology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York

Jimmy B

Medical Spa Job Search said...

i believe this is a great idea, it will be the first attempt at uniting these major bridges in the medical industry.Many people in the US are starting to lose faith because of the overwhelming amount of times that they are hearing the word treatment, instead of the word cure. I hope this idea starts to bring a lot more people together in search of ground breaking cures. Great idea and Good Luck.