Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Register Now: Partnering for Cures, Dec 1-3, New York

Every day, thousands of people are diagnosed with deadly and debilitating diseases for which there are no cures...And yet, it takes 15 years to develop new medical solutions.

Join those on the front lines in the fight against disease in a first-of-its-kind meeting - Partnering for Cures - convened by FasterCures, the Washington, DC-based center of the Milken Institute. The meeting will bring together three separate and distinct pieces of the cure puzzle: research organizations with innovative medical approaches, biopharmaceutical companies that develop cures, and philanthropists who fund the search.

FasterCures is organizing Partnering for Cures with the goal of forging strategic cross-sector collaborations that will:
  • empower philanthropists to make informed investment decisions and measure the impact and return on their philanthropy;
  • enable medical research foundations to find the right partners and investors needed to discover and commercialize new therapies; and
  • facilitate biopharmaceutical industry partnerships that could yield cutting-edge medical solutions.
Register now to participate in this timely and crucial effort. Make one-on-one connections, share information, and meet potential collaborators through a customized partnering system designed to accelerate the pace of life-saving drug research and development.
Space is limited, please register early. Significant discounts apply for early registration, special rates available for nonprofit medical research and patient advocacy groups. For more information: www.partneringforcures.org

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