Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lives and Livelihoods are on the Line

by Margaret Anderson, COO, FasterCures
For the past three weeks, the nation's policymakers have turned their attention to healthcare. It seems like each day featured a seminal study, a pivotal finding, a fresh perspective. National statistics and budget forecasts are strengthened by stories from the frontlines. Patient-centered care. Comparative effectiveness. Cost. Private vs. public plans. Government option. Access. Quality. Affordability. Incentives. Health reform's steady drumbeat is at its crescendo.

We at FasterCures stand at the ready to support efforts that hold the potential to fixing what we all know is a broken, unsustainable healthcare system. Our medical research enterprise and the life sciences industry - the forces behind medical innovation and progress - are at stake. Today, we join other health advocates in an effort to ensure that the health reform conversation continues to focus on improved health and an opportunity to gain access to care for individuals, families, and communities. Forty-five million Americans without health insurance is not just a factoid, it's the reality that face Americans whose lives and livelihoods are on the line.

Fixing America’s broken healthcare system is a crucial step toward fixing America's broken healthcure system. Only if we translate promising scientific research into new treatments will we have any hope of reducing healthcare costs, productivity losses, and human suffering.

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