Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Helping Philanthropists Make Informed Investment Decisions

“When you invest your money, you look for the best return on investment. When you donate it, shouldn’t you look for the best return on your philanthropy?” - Greg Simon, President, FasterCures

FasterCures just launched the Philanthropy Advisory Service, an online information marketplace that will provide reliable, independent data on the efficiency and productivity of nonprofit disease research organizations. PAS was created to help philanthropists make informed investment decisions and have in place a mechanism to assess the return on their philanthropy.

After two years of medical literature review, organization interviews, expert consultations, and intense data analysis, we are proud to release information on Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis and the organizations involved in researching cures for these diseases. We are just getting started, this is the first of a planned series of reports. Expect more reports on malaria and tuberculosis in the summer.

PAS allows philanthropists to do just that. They can direct their philanthropy to organizations whose medical research goals match their own and identify where their money can make a critical difference in finding new cures. It’s available to registered Premier Users, free of charge, for a year. Learn more.

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