Thursday, October 9, 2008

Greg Simon named one of 10 Most Influential in Biomedical Policy

This month's Nature Medicine named Greg Simon, FasterCures President, one of the ten most influential people to watch in biomedical policy. The article presented "a handful of influential people who quietly help keep the wheels of biomedical science turning."

According to the article --
...influence can take many forms. When it comes to biomedical science policy in the US, the names of some people with clout are obvious. But beyond the Nobel laureates and university presidents there is another set of people who wield power. Some of these influential players, such as patient advocates or experts who churn out reports for think tanks, are well known within their own communities. Others, such as Senate staffers or policy makers at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), operate under the radar.


djkerrigan said...

It is my sincere hope that Greg Simon will not turn into another Washington celebrity because of the publicity, but keep his excellent focus upon the cancer patient's need for us to have a unified and accelerated pursuit of cancer's underlying mechanisms of development and metastasis.

FasterCures said...

Thank you for the warning! Having already served in the White House and before that having been a rock and roll drummer, I am not too worried that being on one list will turn my head. I began FasterCures with Mike Milken because I believed in the good we could do. If I wanted to be a celebrity, I would have stayed with the band or turned into a political talking head on cable TV, neither of which appeals… Keep following our work and let us know what you think.


Writers on the storm said...

This is just a fan letter. I saw your class regarding Lobbying Stratgies on CSPAN. I was pleased to read that you are a member of our new President's transision team as well as dicovering your role with FasterCures-- an organization which I will support in future. You are an inspiration. The priciples you set forth in your curriculum will definately come in handy for me. I work for an organization which provides support for people with developmental disabilities. My slightly zealous nature has, in the past, weakened my ability to affect change in ways which I had hoped. Your class has oulined a whole new stratagy for myself and for those I advocate for. Thank you and I am relieved to know that your intellegent, eloquent and informed emotional arguments are aiding worthy causes and our country's new leadership.